Metabolic modeling using single-cell transcriptomes

Cellular metabolism, a key regulator of immune responses, is difficult to study with current technologies in individual cells. We therefore developed Compass, an in silico approach to infer metabolic status of cells based on transcriptome data, which is readily available even in single cell resolutions.

You can view and install the tool from GitHub.

Relevant publications

Metabolic modeling of single Th17 cells reveals regulators of autoimmunity.
A. Wagner*, C. Wang*, D. DeTomaso, J. Avila-Pacheco, S. Zaghouani, J. Fessler, E. Akama-Garren, K. Pierce, N. Ron-Harel, V. Paraskevi Douglas, M. Haigis, R.A. Sobel, C. Clish, A. Regev, V.K. Kuchroo†, N. Yosef†
Cell , 2021