Yosef Lab

Department of Systems Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Center for Computational Biology, UC Berkeley (on leave)

We are an interdisciplinary group, with interests in statistical machine learning, algorithms, T cell biology and tumor immunology.

We take a data- centric perspective on studying how changes in transcription are associated with molecular and cellular phenotypes in immunity and cancer. To achieve that, we are developing and applying computational tools to design and make sense of large molecular data sets. We have special interest in single cell genomics, with the goal of delineating and better understanding the factors that contribute to variability between cells (e.g, metabolic activity, chromatin structure, microenvironment) and their broader implications (e.g., in autoimmunity and cancer).

Examples software projects:

  • scvi-tools for end-to-end analysis of single-cell omics data with deep generative models
  • cassiopeia for single cell lineage tracing
  • vision for interactive interpretation of single cell RNA-seq and CITE-seq data
  • epitome for prediction of epigenetic events using chromatin accessibility